“Being an over thinker for most of my life, my anxiety reached a whole new level with the onset of COVID-19 and an auto immune illness and severely impacted my sleep and waking moments. After an initial consultation with Jo she suggested she could definitely help so I entered a whole new alternative (for me) world. The results for me were quick and will hopefully be long lasting (but I have the option for a “booster” with Jo should I need it). Jo’s thoughtful, calming attitude and eloquent speaking really touched a part of me that I did not know existed. I cannot praise this experience highly enough. Thank you Jo for re aligning my thoughts and sharing techniques (both consciously and sub consciously) that I find myself using every day – and during the night – although less so during the twilight hours! I would strongly advise anyone to give it a go – it works!! ” Jane.

“I have been working with Jo for Pain management and Anxiety for the last 10 weeks and she has changed my life. Teaching me the links between pain and my anxiety and my way of thinking, as well as giving me the tools I need to improve myself as a person and to teach my brain to look at things another way. I am now a more positive person, looking after myself more, and the outcome of this and my new thought process has reduced my pain to nearly nothing, giving me my life back. I cannot thank Jo enough for her time and patience and everything so has done for me, and I cannot recommend her enough.” Sian.

“ Cannot thank Jo enough, hypnotherapy really helped to reduce my anxiety massively. I have been able to conquer things that I could not have dreamed of doing this time last year! Highly recommend.” Sophie.

“What can I say… what a great experience! I have struggled with IBS for several years and tried SO many different remedies. Hypnotherapy was my last option, figured I had nothing to lose so why not? I am so so glad I did and found Jo!
She was so friendly and made me feel very at ease even from the initial consultation. After 7 sessions, I can honestly say I’ve seen a massive difference and reduction in my symptoms and know how to calm myself down!

“Jo is an amazing lady.. my 15yrs old daughter has suffered from anxiety/panick attack’s for years.. but with Jo.. she’s on the same level and can trust her. It’s small steps but we’re going forward. Which is amazing. X”. Steph.

“I can not recommend Joanne enough, she has changed my life. From my first initial consultation I noticed changes. My mind set and ways of thinking have changed. Even though I didn’t start my therapy for phobias I’m now actually not bothered by spiders where before I was of rather burnt the house down than deal with a spider so I have noticed all round positive changes. I have tried things such as counselling before and hasn’t worked. Hypnotherapy is the way forward.” Helen.

“I started having sessions with Jo on the 13th June as I was suffering from IBS / Anxiety. Jo was really friendly and welcoming and put me at ease straight away. After 6 sessions, my life has really changed for the better. I am no longer taking my IBS medication or suffering with anxiety. Before seeing Jo, I would worry about where I was going, what I was going to eat and whether I would suffer from an attack. I am now just relaxed and enjoying every day. I even went on a family camp with my son a few weekends ago. This is something I would have avoided in the past as I would have worried about my IBS. Thanks Jo, I have truly enjoyed my sessions with you and have already recommended you to lots of my friends xx” Sarah.

“For a long time I have/had suffered from anxiety and depression, I had tried many things to help with it, medication mostly when that came to an end I didn’t get anymore and by pure coincidence I was offered the opportunity of hypnotherapy. I was so surprised on how effective these sessions were, my outlook on just day to day things were so different, so positive and really put things into perspective. I almost felt different instantly. Jo was professional and made me feel at ease straight away. I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who is in the same turmoil as I was. Even after our sessions had finished before Xmas, I am still thinking and heading in the right direction without any medication. I have a lot to thank Jo for, the whole experience have been amazing and I am a better person for it” Honor.

“Feeling like I can take on the world …… thank you Jo. Loving our sessions x” Helen.