The secret to happiness! ✨


The only issue is……….it’s not actually a secret………🤔………….the truth is we all know what makes us happy, we just lose sight of it occasionally. We lead such busy lives and a lot of the time we are not actually very present in our own lives, we have so much going on in our minds…work, relationships, money, kids, that we’re constantly living in the future, wondering what’s going to happen next, then suddenly we get to a point where we’re feeling really stressed which in turn can make us feel really anxious or low and we start to wonder if we will ever be happy again?! 

Well it actually doesn’t take much change to make a big difference in our lives. You just need to remember what has made you happy in the past and do more of it, plus there are a few other things that help us to boost our serotonin production which helps us to feel happier, calmer, more peaceful and boosts self esteem and confidence and makes us braver…these are things that we can take for granted but when you think about it really do play a big part in our happiness………

  • Take control of your thoughts, notice when you are thinking in a negative way, notice if you are constantly living in the future and thinking / worrying what might happen next and rein it in…then start to notice the positive things in your life, the time someone made you smile or laugh, the time someone helped you with something and feel grateful for it. 
  • Be more productive, do the things you have been putting off instead of doing them later and leaving them to be sat at the back of your mind adding to your stress and anxiety…
  • Be more active, take a walk, get some fresh air, do some exercise. Even if you’re feeling really tired, think of it as a mental exercise knowing that you will feel better for it afterwards…
  • Spend time with the people that make you feel good…friends, family, also notice positive interactions with strangers, take time to smile at someone in the street, open doors, help people in need, these may seem small but they really can make a difference. It is believed that acts of kindness leads to elevated levels of dopamine which is the brains natural versions of morphine and heroin, a natural high. Humans are much better as a tribe rather than as individuals, interaction with other humans is essential for our wellbeing….
  • Make a plan, have a goal to work towards, when we have this we have purpose which again helps us to feel better. 

Many people come to me and have lost sight of what it is that makes them happy, at first they feel like it’s impossible to feel better again and even after they make very small changes they can feel like nothing has changed and they aren’t making any progress, but then suddenly without too much actually changing in their lives, it feels like everything has changed and a dark cloud has been lifted. 

Hypnotherapy is really effective for helping people to get control back in their lives. If you are that person that is struggling with life and just needs a bit of help then get in touch 🙌🏼

“Life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change”

Jo Harris, 9th October 2018



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